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Building the future of digital infrastructures
We are building proprietary data centers designed to provide efficient computing power tailored for Digital Asset Mining (Bitcoin), High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).Learn more about the long-term vision and efficiency goals of our public company, $SATO.

Computing Power

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Converting Electrical Power to Computing Power since 2017.
Digital Asset MiningSATO has established and currently operates a 20MW hydroelectric energy facility in Québec, Canada, dedicated to powering high-capacity data centers for Bitcoin mining. This center, producing close to 0.6 EHs of mining power exclusively mines for SATO (100% Self-Mining).SATO consistently ranks as one of the most efficient public Bitcoin mining operations in the world.
AI & HPCWe are building the future of data centers, focusing on efficiency for any kind of computing power, AI, Video effects, LLM, and more.Discover the synergies of Bitcoin Mining, AI, and HPC as a leading growth strategy.